I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID71
Name ICEEc2 This ICE is derived from experimental literature
OrganismEscherichia coli BEN374
Size (bp)93895
GC content [Genome] (%)50.84
Insertion sitetRNA-Phe
Species that ICE can be transferred toSalmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis
Nucleotide SequenceGU725392 (complete ICE sequence in this GenBank file)
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 1316..2938; Locus tag: ECAGIv1_0002;  Family:  MOBH

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICEEc2 is not available.

The graph information of ICEEc2 components from GU725392
Complete gene list of ICEEc2 from GU725392
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1ECAGIv1_0001273..1262 [-], 990tyrosine recombinase xerC-like protein
2ECAGIv1_00021316..2938 [-], 1623hypothetical proteinRelaxase, MOBH Family
3ECAGIv1_00032931..4439 [-], 1509putative superfamily I DNA and RNA helicaseTraI_F, T4SS component 
4ECAGIv1_00044728..4919 [+], 192hypothetical protein
5ECAGIv1_00054966..5184 [+], 219hypothetical protein
6ECAGIv1_00075926..6402 [+], 477putative PilM protein
7ECAGIv1_00086410..6622 [-], 213hypothetical protein
8pilN6610..8217 [+], 1608PilN
9pilO8241..9527 [+], 1287PilO
10pilP9517..9978 [+], 462pilus type IV assembly protein
11pilQ9988..11508 [+], 1521type IV pilusTraJ_I, T4SS component 
12pilR11510..12610 [+], 1101PilR
13pilS12660..13196 [+], 537PilS
14pilT13255..13731 [+], 477PilTOrf169_F, T4SS component 
15pilV14391..15683 [+], 1293PilV
16rci17170..18267 [+], 1098RciIntegrase 
17traE18480..19301 [+], 822TraE protein
18traF19508..20605 [+], 1098TraF protein
19ECAGIv1_002120742..20885 [+], 144hypothetical protein
20ECAGIv1_002221043..21324 [+], 282hypothetical protein
21ECAGIv1_002321945..22184 [+], 240hypothetical protein
22dfrA123681..24154 [+], 474dihydrofolate reductase type 1AR 
23sat224249..24773 [+], 525streptothricin acetyltransferase
24aadA124831..25619 [+], 789streptomycin 3''-adenylyltransferaseAR 
25ECAGIv1_002925695..26192 [+], 498hypothetical protein
26ECAGIv1_003026253..26624 [+], 372hypothetical protein
27ECAGIv1_003127034..27411 [+], 378YbgA protein
28ECAGIv1_003227461..27586 [+], 126putative transposase
29tnsE27642..29258 [-], 1617transposon Tn7 transposition protein tnsE
30tnsD29259..30785 [-], 1527transposon Tn7 transposition protein tnsD
31tnsC30788..32455 [-], 1668transposon Tn7 transposition protein tnsC
32tnsB32452..34560 [-], 2109transposon Tn7 transposition protein tnsB
33tnsA34547..35368 [-], 822transposon Tn7 transposition protein tnsA
34ECAGIv1_004037333..38031 [-], 699hypothetical protein
35ECAGIv1_004138308..39270 [-], 963hypothetical protein
36ECAGIv1_004239378..39812 [-], 435hypothetical protein
37ECAGIv1_004440297..40656 [-], 360hypothetical protein
38ECAGIv1_004540854..41363 [-], 510anti-restriction protein
39ECAGIv1_004641504..41695 [-], 192hypothetical protein
40ECAGIv1_004741782..42168 [-], 387hypothetical protein
41ECAGIv1_004842321..42950 [-], 630hypothetical protein
42ECAGIv1_004943273..44013 [+], 741hypothetical protein
43ECAGIv1_005044017..44934 [-], 918putative integrase/DNA breaking-rejoining enzyme
44ECAGIv1_005146064..46291 [-], 228hypothetical protein
45ECAGIv1_005246461..46736 [+], 276hypothetical protein
46ECAGIv1_005346832..47149 [+], 318hypothetical protein
47ECAGIv1_005447244..47441 [-], 198hypothetical protein
48ECAGIv1_005547926..48189 [-], 264putative ribosomal protein
49ECAGIv1_005648414..48926 [-], 513hypothetical protein
50ECAGIv1_005749284..49490 [+], 207hypothetical protein
51ECAGIv1_005849538..51061 [-], 1524putative TraG-like proteinTfc19, T4SS component 
52ECAGIv1_005951058..51417 [-], 360putative membrane protein
53ECAGIv1_006051422..52843 [-], 1422putative exported proteinTfc22, T4SS component 
54ECAGIv1_006152850..53824 [-], 975putative exported proteinTfc23, T4SS component 
55ECAGIv1_006253821..54216 [-], 396hypothetical proteinTfc24, T4SS component 
56ECAGIv1_006354751..56838 [-], 2088Iha adhesin
57ECAGIv1_006456994..57380 [-], 387hypothetical proteinTfc17, T4SS component 
58ECAGIv1_006557377..60226 [-], 2850putative TraC plasmid-related ATPaseTfc16, T4SS component 
59ECAGIv1_006660226..60630 [-], 405putative lipoproteinTfc15, T4SS component 
60ECAGIv1_006760648..62126 [-], 1479putative bacterial conjugation TrbI-like proteinTfc14, T4SS component 
61ECAGIv1_006862116..63036 [-], 921putative exported proteinTfc13, T4SS component 
62ECAGIv1_006963033..63680 [-], 648hypothetical proteinTfc12, T4SS component 
63ECAGIv1_007063677..64042 [-], 366hypothetical proteinTfc11, T4SS component 
64ECAGIv1_007164062..64427 [-], 366putative membrane proteinTfc10, T4SS component 
65ECAGIv1_007264455..64697 [-], 243hypothetical protein
66ECAGIv1_007364697..65038 [-], 342putative exported protein with RAQPRD domainTfc9, T4SS component 
67ECAGIv1_007465282..65473 [+], 192hypothetical protein
68ECAGIv1_007565557..66318 [-], 762putative transmembrane proteinTfc8, T4SS component 
69ECAGIv1_007666299..68452 [-], 2154putative TraD plasmid transfer proteinTfc6, T4SS component 
70ECAGIv1_007768416..69201 [-], 786hypothetical protein
71ECAGIv1_007869198..69632 [-], 435hypothetical protein
72ECAGIv1_007969707..70297 [-], 591putative restriction endonuclease
73ECAGIv1_008070297..70824 [-], 528hypothetical proteinTfc5, T4SS component 
74ECAGIv1_008170821..71456 [-], 636putative Lytic transglycosylase, catalytic precursorTfc4, T4SS component 
75ECAGIv1_008271456..72175 [-], 720putative exported proteinTfc3, T4SS component 
76ECAGIv1_008372180..72959 [-], 780hypothetical proteinTfc2, T4SS component 
77ECAGIv1_008472956..73492 [-], 537putative PilL proteinTfc2, T4SS component 
78ECAGIv1_008573725..73910 [-], 186hypothetical protein
79ECAGIv1_008674107..75156 [-], 1050putative transposase, YhgA-like protein
80ssb75122..75679 [-], 558single-stranded DNA-binding protein
81ECAGIv1_008875692..75895 [-], 204hypothetical protein
82ECAGIv1_008975995..76459 [-], 465hypothetical protein
83ECAGIv1_009077150..79168 [-], 2019DNA topoisomerase 3
84ECAGIv1_009179185..79910 [-], 726hypothetical protein
85ECAGIv1_009280012..80662 [-], 651hypothetical protein
86ECAGIv1_009380662..81927 [-], 1266hypothetical protein
87ECAGIv1_009482188..82409 [-], 222putative Sb34 protein
88ECAGIv1_009582406..82621 [-], 216hypothetical protein
89ECAGIv1_009682670..83083 [-], 414hypothetical protein
90ECAGIv1_009783094..83333 [-], 240hypothetical protein
91ECAGIv1_009883293..83514 [-], 222hypothetical protein
92ECAGIv1_009983516..83914 [-], 399hypothetical protein
93ECAGIv1_010083911..84426 [-], 516hypothetical protein
94ECAGIv1_010184428..84946 [-], 519putative ea22-like protein
95ECAGIv1_010285014..85235 [-], 222putative transcriptional regulator
96ECAGIv1_010385232..85444 [-], 213putative ea22-like protein
97ECAGIv1_010485441..85617 [-], 177hypothetical protein
98ECAGIv1_010585624..85872 [-], 249hypothetical protein
99ECAGIv1_010685869..86447 [-], 579hypothetical protein
100ECAGIv1_010786444..87175 [-], 732hypothetical protein
101ECAGIv1_010887168..88817 [-], 1650hypothetical protein
102dnaB88807..90195 [-], 1389replicative DNA helicase
103ECAGIv1_011090329..90880 [+], 552hypothetical protein
104ECAGIv1_011191270..92148 [-], 879putative chromosome partitioning protein
integrase Gene may contribute to site-specific recombination
conjugation Gene may play role in conjugative transfer
virulence  Gene may be involved in adaptative function

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Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Seth-Smith HM; Fookes MC; Okoro CK; Baker S; Harris SR; Scott P; Pickard D; Quail MA; Churcher C; Sanders M; Harmse J; Dougan G; Parkhill J; Thomson NR (2012). Structure, diversity, and mobility of the Salmonella pathogenicity island 7 family of integrative and conjugative elements within Enterobacteriaceae. J Bacteriol. 194(6):1494-504. [PudMed:22247511] in_silico
(2) Roche D; Flechard M; Lallier N; Reperant M; Bree A; Pascal G; Schouler C; Germon P (2010). ICEEc2, a new integrative and conjugative element belonging to the pKLC102/PAGI-2 family, identified in Escherichia coli strain BEN374. J Bacteriol. 192(19):5026-36. [PudMed:20675467] experimental
experimental experimental literature
in_silico in silico analysis literature