I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID195
Name ICE(Tn4371)6036 This is a predicted ICE derived from literature
OrganismAcidovorax citrulli AAC00-1
Size (bp)59844
GC content [Genome] (%)63.12[68.53]
Insertion siteTTTTTCAT
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceCP000512 (complete ICE sequence in this genome)
Replicon chromosome (5352772 bp, BioProject:15708) [NC_008752]
Genome coordinates730667..790510 
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 750181..752169; Locus tag: Aave_0691;  Family:  MOBL

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICE(Tn4371)6036 is not available.

The graph information of ICE(Tn4371)6036 components from CP000512
Complete gene list of ICE(Tn4371)6036 from CP000512
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1Aave_0668729135..729524 [-], 390Glyoxalase/bleomycin resistance protein/dioxygenase
2Aave_0669729805..730401 [+], 597Hemerythrin HHE cation binding domain protein
3Aave_0671730850..732055 [+], 1206phage integrase family protein
4Aave_0672732052..733077 [+], 1026protein of unknown function DUF1016
5Aave_0673733147..734094 [+], 948Integrase, catalytic region
6Aave_0675734279..736078 [-], 1800UvrD/REP helicase
7Aave_0676736081..738219 [-], 2139conserved hypothetical protein
8Aave_0677738663..739013 [+], 351conserved hypothetical protein
9Aave_0678739153..739419 [+], 267hypothetical protein
10Aave_0679739965..740789 [+], 825protein of unknown function DUF932
11Aave_0680740868..742913 [+], 2046ParB domain protein nuclease
12Aave_0681743673..743987 [+], 315protein of unknown function DUF736TraF, T4SS component 
13Aave_0682744058..744351 [-], 294transcriptional regulator, XRE family
14Aave_0683744541..745023 [+], 483putative lipoprotein
15Aave_0684745368..746138 [+], 771conserved hypothetical protein
16Aave_0685746250..746525 [+], 276conserved hypothetical protein
17Aave_0686746552..747397 [+], 846conserved hypothetical replication initiator and transcription repressor protein
18Aave_0687747663..748301 [+], 639plasmid segregation oscillating ATPase ParF
19Aave_0688748298..748582 [+], 285plasmid segregation centromere-binding protein ParG
20Aave_0689748579..749124 [+], 546conserved hypothetical protein
21Aave_0690749121..749732 [+], 612conjugation peptidase TraFTraF, T4SS component 
22Aave_0691750181..752169 [+], 1989conserved hypothetical proteinRelaxase, MOBL Family
23Aave_0692752223..752546 [+], 324transposase IS3/IS911 family protein
24Aave_0693752579..753436 [+], 858Integrase, catalytic regionIntegrase 
25Aave_0694753590..754684 [-], 1095Integrase, catalytic region
26Aave_0695754681..755154 [-], 474transposition helper protein
27Aave_0696755815..756645 [-], 831transcriptional regulator, AraC family
28Aave_0697756702..757733 [+], 10321-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase
29Aave_0698757777..758739 [-], 963transcriptional regulator, LysR family
30Aave_0699758852..759568 [+], 717(Acyl-carrier-protein) phosphodiesterase
31Aave_0700759871..761055 [+], 1185major facilitator superfamily MFS_1
32Aave_0701761255..761572 [+], 318hypothetical protein
33Aave_0702761576..762433 [-], 858Integrase, catalytic regionIntegrase 
34Aave_0703762466..762789 [-], 324transposase IS3/IS911 family protein
35Aave_0704762900..763748 [+], 849integral membrane protein
36Aave_0705763843..764166 [+], 324transposase IS3/IS911 family protein
37Aave_0706764199..765056 [+], 858Integrase, catalytic regionIntegrase 
38Aave_0708765456..766313 [-], 858Integrase, catalytic regionIntegrase 
39Aave_0709766346..766669 [-], 324transposase IS3/IS911 family protein
40Aave_0710766720..767448 [-], 729transposase IS66
41Aave_0711767563..767895 [-], 333IS66 Orf2 family protein
42Aave_0712767892..768236 [-], 345transposase IS3/IS911 family protein
43Aave_0713768815..769420 [+], 606NAD(P)H dehydrogenase (quinone)
44Aave_0714769478..770053 [+], 576GCN5-related N-acetyltransferase
45Aave_0715770050..770898 [+], 849aldo/keto reductase
46Aave_0716771189..772073 [-], 885transcriptional regulator, LysR family
47Aave_0717772288..773820 [+], 1533major facilitator superfamily MFS_1
48Aave_0718773839..774210 [+], 372small multidrug resistance protein
49Aave_0719774530..775003 [+], 474transposition helper protein
50Aave_0720775000..776094 [+], 1095Integrase, catalytic region
51Aave_0721776117..776359 [+], 243small multidrug resistance protein
52Aave_0722776423..777367 [+], 945transcriptional regulator, LysR family
53Aave_0723777364..777630 [+], 267putative lipoprotein
54Aave_0724777866..779872 [+], 2007TRAG family proteinVirD4, T4SS component 
55Aave_0725779869..780345 [+], 477CopG domain protein DNA-binding domain protein
56Aave_0726780342..781391 [+], 1050type II secretion system protein ETrbB, T4SS component 
57Aave_0727781388..781774 [+], 387Conjugal transfer protein TrbCTrbC, T4SS component 
58Aave_0728781771..782040 [+], 270putative conjugal transfer TrbD transmembrane proteinTrbD, T4SS component 
59Aave_0729782053..784503 [+], 2451AAA ATPaseTrbE, T4SS component 
60Aave_0730784500..785243 [+], 744putative conjugal transfer TrbJ signal peptide proteinTrbJ, T4SS component 
61Aave_0731785256..785570 [+], 315putative lipoproteinTrbJ, T4SS component 
62Aave_0732785567..786958 [+], 1392TrbL/VirB6 plasmid conjugal transfer proteinTrbL, T4SS component 
63Aave_0733786988..787692 [+], 705Conjugal transfer proteinTrbF, T4SS component 
64Aave_0734787689..788693 [+], 1005Conjugal transfer protein TrbG/VirB9/CagXTrbG, T4SS component 
65Aave_0735788696..789835 [+], 1140conjugation TrbI family proteinTrbI, T4SS component 
66Aave_0736789970..790215 [+], 246conserved hypothetical protein
67Aave_0737790634..791257 [+], 624Cupin 2, conserved barrel domain protein
68Aave_0738791334..792800 [+], 1467major facilitator superfamily MFS_1
69Aave_0739792895..793182 [-], 288conserved hypothetical protein
70Aave_0740793471..794166 [-], 696conserved hypothetical protein
flank Flanking regions
integrase Gene may contribute to site-specific recombination
conjugation Gene may play role in conjugative transfer

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Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Ryan MP; Pembroke JT; Adley CC (2009). Novel Tn4371-ICE like element in Ralstonia pickettii and genome mining for comparative elements. BMC Microbiol. 0.543055556. [PudMed:19941653] experimental in_silico
experimental experimental literature
in_silico in silico analysis literature