I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID112
Name ICEYe1 This is a predicted ICE derived from literature
OrganismYersinia enterocolitica Y69
Size (bp)120523
GC content [Genome] (%)45.18
Insertion sitetRNA-Phe
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceFN298493 (complete ICE sequence in this GenBank file)
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 81613..82833; Locus tag: Y69_0087;  Family:  MOBH

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICEYe1 is not available.

The graph information of ICEYe1 components from FN298493
Complete gene list of ICEYe1 from FN298493
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1Y69_020112248..13078 [+], 831putative integrase
2Y69_020013472..14704 [+], 1233putative helicase
3Y69_019915312..15620 [+], 309putative exported protein
4Y69_019815726..16688 [+], 963putative phage integrase
5Y69_019717037..17918 [+], 882conserved hypothetical protein
6dnaB17911..19278 [+], 1368DNA helicase
7Y69_019219278..20865 [+], 1588conserved hypothetical protein (pseudogene)
8Y69_019120862..21431 [+], 570conserved hypothetical protein
9Y69_018921537..22739 [+], 1203conserved hypothetical protein
10Y69_018722908..23666 [+], 759conserved hypothetical protein
11Y69_018523957..24499 [+], 543conserved hypothetical protein
12Y69_0184a24642..24884 [+], 243conserved hypothetical protein
13Y69_018424868..25116 [+], 249conserved hypothetical protein
14Y69_018325228..25659 [+], 432conserved hypothetical protein
15Y69_018125854..26828 [+], 975putative Type IV pilus lipoprotein (PilL)Tfc2, T4SS component 
16Y69_018026830..27267 [+], 438putative Type IV pilus exported protein (PilM)
17Y69_017727279..28967 [+], 1689putative Type IV pilus lipoprotein (PilN)
18Y69_017628970..30277 [+], 1308putative Type IV pilus protein (PilO)
19Y69_017530264..30743 [+], 480putative Type IV pilus assembly protein (PilP)
20Y69_016930752..32305 [+], 1554putative Type IV pilus protein (PilQ)
21Y69_016832298..33407 [+], 1110putative Type IV pilus integral membrane protein (PilR)
22Y69_016733422..34009 [+], 588putative Type IV prepilin (PilS)
23Y69_016634006..34674 [+], 669putative prepilin peptidase (PilU)
24Y69_016434678..35955 [+], 1278putative prepilin (PilV)
25Y69_016336049..36981 [+], 933putative transposase
26Y69_016237857..38261 [+], 405conserved hypothetical protein
27Y69_016038576..38815 [+], 240putative transposase (pseudogene)
28Y69_015939606..40166 [+], 561hypothetical protein
29Y69_015840236..40508 [+], 273putative IS element protein (pseudogene)
30Y69_015640535..40929 [+], 395putative transposase (pseudogene)
31Y69_015541405..41983 [+], 579hypothetical protein
32Y69_015342241..42879 [+], 639hypothetical protein
33Y69_0152a43473..43688 [+], 216putative transposase (pseudogene)
34Y69_015244503..44835 [+], 333hypothetical protein
35Y69_015145038..45226 [+], 189hypothetical protein
36Y69_015045278..46096 [+], 819putative membrane protein
37Y69_014946241..46531 [+], 291putative antitoxin
38Y69_014746559..47353 [-], 795putative transposase (pseudogene)
39Y69_014647404..47694 [-], 291putative transposase
40Y69_014547907..48239 [+], 333conserved hypothetical protein
41Y69_014348331..49149 [+], 819putative membrane proteinTfc3, T4SS component 
42Y69_014249128..49766 [+], 639putative exported lytic transglycosylaseTfc4, T4SS component 
43Y69_014149763..50284 [+], 522putative exported proteinTfc5, T4SS component 
44Y69_013850457..52577 [+], 2121conserved hypothetical proteinTfc6, T4SS component 
45Y69_013752577..53329 [+], 753putative inner membrane proteinTfc8, T4SS component 
46Y69_013653428..53543 [+], 116putative insertion element protein (pseudogene)
47Y69_013554422..54898 [+], 477hypothetical protein
48Y69_013455544..55981 [+], 438hypothetical protein
49Y69_013356437..56745 [+], 309putative exported proteinTfc9, T4SS component 
50Y69_013156745..56990 [+], 246putative membrane protein
51Y69_013057006..57356 [+], 351putative membrane proteinTfc10, T4SS component 
52Y69_012857366..57740 [+], 375putative membrane proteinTfc11, T4SS component 
53Y69_012657737..58393 [+], 657putative membrane proteinTfc12, T4SS component 
54Y69_012458393..59274 [+], 882conserved hypothetical proteinTfc13, T4SS component 
55Y69_012159271..60740 [+], 1470putative exported proteinTfc14, T4SS component 
56Y69_012060753..61169 [+], 417putative lipoproteinTfc15, T4SS component 
57Y69_011661169..63964 [+], 2796conserved hypothetical proteinTfc16, T4SS component 
58Y69_011464191..64739 [-], 549conserved hypothetical protein
59Y69_011265111..66349 [+], 1239putative tranposase
60Y69_011166809..67459 [+], 651conserved hypothetical protein
61Y69_011067456..68172 [+], 717conserved hypothetical protein
62Y69_010968172..68825 [+], 654hypothetical protein
63Y69_010769149..70591 [-], 1443putative transposase
64Y69_010671279..71683 [+], 405putative exported proteinTfc24, T4SS component 
65Y69_010571680..72642 [+], 963putative lipoproteinTfc23, T4SS component 
66Y69_010272654..74045 [+], 1392putative exported proteinTfc22, T4SS component 
67Y69_010074045..74356 [+], 312putative outer membrane protein
68Y69_009874366..75886 [+], 1521putative membrane proteinTfc19, T4SS component 
69Y69_009775921..76208 [-], 288conserved hypothetical proteinTfc20, T4SS component 
70Y69_009577166..78053 [+], 888conserved hypothetical protein
71Y69_009478458..79459 [+], 1002conserved hypothetical protein
72Y69_009379456..79743 [+], 288conserved hypothetical protein
73Y69_009179844..80746 [+], 903conserved hypothetical protein
74Y69_008980811..81416 [-], 606putative membrane protein
75Y69_008781613..82833 [+], 1221putative helicaseRelaxase, MOBH Family
76Y69_008682874..83830 [+], 957putative phage integraseIntegrase 
77Y69_008584907..85356 [+], 450putative transposase
78Y69_008485254..85571 [+], 318putative transposase (pseudogene)
79Y69_008385762..86241 [-], 480putative exported protein
80Y69_008186243..87172 [-], 930putative transcriptional regulator
81Y69_007887562..88101 [+], 540fimbria A protein
82Y69_007688428..90953 [+], 2526putative fimbrial usher protein
83Y69_007491063..91827 [+], 765putative fimbrial chaperone protein
84Y69_007291817..92152 [+], 336putative fimbrial membrane protein
85Y69_007092169..92666 [+], 498putative exported fimbrial protein
86Y69_006992793..93293 [+], 501putative exported fimbrial protein
87Y69_006893290..93796 [+], 507putative fimbrial membrane protein
88Y69_006493812..94351 [+], 540putative exported fimbrial protein
89Y69_006294344..95324 [+], 981putative reverse transcriptase
90Y69_006095327..96097 [+], 771hypothetical protein
91Y69_005897640..98023 [+], 384hypothetical protein
92Y69_0057a98115..98228 [-], 114putative transposase (pseudogene)
93Y69_005798504..98827 [+], 324conserved hypothetical protein
94Y69_0056b98814..99095 [+], 282putative DNA binding protein
95Y69_0056a99449..99517 [-], 69putative transposase (pseudogene)
96Y69_005699540..99716 [-], 177putative transposase (pseudogene)
97Y69_0054100564..100791 [+], 228hypothetical protein
98Y69_0051101511..102224 [+], 714putative exported protein
99Y69_0050102519..102761 [+], 243hypothetical protein
100Y69_0049103140..103772 [+], 633putative transcriptional regulator, GerE family
101Y69_0048103988..104476 [+], 489conserved hypothetical protein
102Y69_0045104473..105954 [+], 1482conserved hypothetical protein
103Y69_0044105982..106473 [+], 492hypothetical protein
104Y69_0043106586..107005 [+], 420conserved hypothetical protein
105Y69_0042107017..108819 [+], 1803conserved hypothetical protein
106Y69_0041108810..109757 [+], 948conserved hypothetical protein
107Y69_0040109762..111816 [+], 2055conserved hypothetical protein
108Y69_0038111824..112345 [+], 522hypothetical protein
109Y69_0037112345..112644 [+], 300putative PAAR protein
110Y69_0034112656..113699 [+], 1044ImpA-like protein
111Y69_0033113696..114346 [+], 651putative lipoprotein
112Y69_0032114346..115725 [+], 1380conserved hypothetical protein
113Y69_0031115725..116339 [+], 615conserved hypothetical protein
114Y69_0027116352..119888 [+], 3537putative outer membrane protein
115Y69_0022119928..122471 [+], 2544putative Clp ATPase
116Y69_0021122597..123223 [+], 627hypothetical protein
117Y69_0020123370..123747 [+], 378hypothetical protein
118Y69_0019124025..124447 [-], 423hypothetical protein
119Y69_0018125397..125948 [-], 552hypothetical protein
120Y69_0017126391..126855 [-], 465hypothetical protein
121Y69_0016127355..127750 [+], 396putative exported protein
122Y69_0014127753..129063 [+], 1311putative peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
123Y69_0013129311..130171 [+], 861putative hydrolase, alpha/beta fold family
124Y69_0012130518..131135 [+], 618putative transcriptional regulator-GerE/LuxR family
125Y69_0011131847..132431 [+], 585hypothetical protein
126Y69_0009132789..134402 [-], 1614hypothetical protein
127Y69_0007135055..136533 [-], 1479putative major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transporter
128speF138166..140328 [+], 2163ornithine decarboxylase
129Y69_0004140397..141146 [-], 750putative membrane protein
130mltC141317..142393 [-], 1077membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase c precursor
flank Flanking regions
integrase Gene may contribute to site-specific recombination
conjugation Gene may play role in conjugative transfer

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Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Seth-Smith HM; Fookes MC; Okoro CK; Baker S; Harris SR; Scott P; Pickard D; Quail MA; Churcher C; Sanders M; Harmse J; Dougan G; Parkhill J; Thomson NR (2012). Structure, diversity, and mobility of the Salmonella pathogenicity island 7 family of integrative and conjugative elements within Enterobacteriaceae. J Bacteriol. 194(6):1494-504. [PudMed:22247511] in_silico
in_silico in silico analysis literature